Lejwe La Metsi - Retreat

April 20, 2017

Lejwe La Metsi - Retreat

Hello beloved


I hope that under his grace, you are well and wrapping up 2016 with a great sense of peace. I am well, just slightly fatigued. So, I decided to take a quick break and take 2 days off work to get some rest. It is important to take care of ourselves. When you’re low on energy, do your best to stop and fuel up.


My cousin Tebogo and I went on a retreat to energize. We visited the most beautiful private reserve, called Lejwe La Metsi. It is about 2 hours 15min drive from Sandton CBD. Located on the outskirts of Bela-Bela. I enjoyed the drive a lot and looked forward to resting. Lejwe believes in privacy so they do shy away from having different groups coming at the same time. This gives each group privacy. They have allowed for different groups before but by the sound of it, prefer that their guests have their privacy. Loved that we had the resort to ourselves. The stillness and quietness was much needed for a retreat. 


Upon arrival, we were welcomed with warm greetings. The Lejwe team introduced themselves and gave us some hand towels and delicious cocktails. You immediately feel the tranquility and peace of the space and the staff as you arrive. The beauty of this private reserve hits you immediately as you drive in. Those majestic game crafted big gates, the beautiful and exceptionally maintained gardens.


We were ushered to a beautiful 3 bed, pool facing villa with a patio so well furnished and tranquil. I was given the main suite and my cousin Tebogo was taken to one of the other beautiful 2 bedrooms. The furnishings in the villa blew my mind off. You can tell much love and passion was put into building these. They paid attention to detail and made sure it has a warm and the ambiance homey, if there is such a word. 


Here are some pics of the villa.


The kind and pleasant manager (Shirlee) of the resort came to welcome us whilst we were checking out the villa. It felt so homey. She made our stay so amazing and attended to us all the time throughout our stay. She gave us a tour of the resort, took us to other villas and let us wander through the property to absorb all that beauty.


Here are some pictures we took while taking a walk around the property.

My outfit of the day was from Zara. I love shirt dresses when I am in relaxation mode. I find pumps so comfy as well. 

Shirlee then took us to the exclusive villa, once we had settled in and had lunch. This villa goes for $15 000 per night. Yes it is fifteen thousand US dollar per night, you read it correctly. What a masterpiece! I have never been to a house this beautiful before. It is a 4 bed villa and the furnishings are immaculate. From the Swarovski crystal chandelier lights, to the marble floors, impeccable art work, beautiful furniture, I could go on for days. In a nutshell they really paid attention to detail when building this house. The view from Utopia is so serene.


Here are some pics of our tour to Utopia Villa. When Tebogo looked at the pics we took, she said these do not do it justice. That villa has a presence, you would have to experience it to know its beauty. Pictures are a drop in the ocean of what makes this Villa great. I agree with her. My exposure to 'the good life' was broadened by this experience. I think my dreams had limits which were below what is possible out there. It is time I re-evaluate . We were greeted by a giraffe on our way up there.


They have great pictures on their website of Utopia villa, check them out. If you value luxury, you will fall in love with this villa. 


The staff at Lejwe give the best service I have experienced in SA. They are attentive, friendly and go the extra mile. Brilliant on customer service. There is free wifi at the resort. The food was out of this world. The chefs are brilliant and they are not shy on portions yikes! We were fed really well. The breakfast croissants and muffins freshly baked. You get asked what you feel like having and they prepare it. We had chicken with salad, steak and veggies, chicken with pasta, soup, full english breakfast, snacks whilst we would catch up in their main lounge and some really awesome freshly baked deserts.It got a bit chilly in the evening so they would make a fire for us. We loved our  experience at Lejwe resort. 


Here are some pics of the food, us dining, chillas and catch ups. 

I love this ivory maxi dress from Zara. 

 Yes Lejwe is a 5 star private reserve. 

We had a lot of fun and restful activities. My favorite was the game drive with Piet. This was too awesome. We unfortunately did not spot all the animals they have on the resort but we had beautiful moments from watching Piet (game driver) interact with the baffaloes and Impalas. We spotted the East African Buffalo, Golden Wildebeest, Sable Antelope, Warthogs, Ostrich and Black Impalas. The Zebra's and Giraffes were hiding from us but we fortunately spotted  them roaming the resort the day we arrived. The farm next door has some interesting animals. In fact the Rhino's we saw at that farm were sold by Lejwe to that farm. 


Here are some of our game drive pictures

The outfit for the game drive was a denim dress from woolworths, puma sneakers and bamboo earings from H&M, Kente head wrap and some aviators. 


They host weddings, engagement parties and other events. I would defintely consider them for an event venue. They have hosted corporate conferences as well. So if you're looking for something fresh, private, beautiful and luxurious then they are a must try. 


Regarding fatigue, I am feeling much better. Probably have sufficient energy to last me until I go for December leave. 


You gotta try Lejwe la Metsi. You can thank me later haha!

Warmest regards,